Yes, you can transfer:

  • Mobiles
  • Fixed voice
  • Internet
  • Bundled services
  • Telstra Plus points

You can’t transfer:

  • Business products to personal customers - this includes services provided on the nbnTM network. These services need to be cancelled and a new service purchased.
  • Disconnected or cancelled services
  • BigPond Mailboxes and Telstra Mail services can’t be transferred. Ownership will remain with the current owner until such time that they choose to cancel the service.

Transferring an upfront plan to a new owner:

  • First, go to the My Telstra app to make sure you have an upfront plan or check the Critical Information Summary you were given when you signed up
  • When you request the transfer, we‘ll contact you and guide you through the process
  • If the new owner is, or is eligible to be, a Priority Assist customer and the service is on an upfront plan, call us on 13 22 00 to discuss your options
  • Any device repayments associated with an upfront plan can’t be transferred to a new owner. Any remaining repayments will be charged as an early termination charge to the current account owner and will appear on a 'pay it later' invoice.
  • The only way to pay for upfront plans is by AutoPay. The new owner will be required to sign up with AutoPay at the time of transfer
  • Transfers for upfront plans will require the new owner to obtain a new SIM card during the transfer process
  • The new owner will require a Telstra ID to manage their service online 

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