What is happening?

Soon, NBN Co will upgrade your current business nbn service to a new, improved connection. Basically, you'll switch from an existing nbn technology to a new superior nbn technology. This will mean faster, more reliable nbn internet for your business.

What to expect

We’ll keep you connected

After you book your new nbn service setup, connection could take from 2 weeks to several months. We'll keep your existing service connected during your upgrade to mitigate disruption.

Your equipment will be upgraded

We'll book an appointment with an nbn technician who'll perform all upgrade works within your business premises. We'll also explain the installation process for your upgrade type.

You current nbn plan won’t change

Your current contract will continue without any changes to your plan price, its inclusions or any early termination charges. Essentially, your plan stays the same, just with a different nbn technology type.

We’ll provide a new modem if you need one

Your current modem should work with your new connection, but we'll check this during the upgrade to make sure. If it's incompatible, we'll supply a new Telstra Smart Modem.

How to stay connected

To ensure you remain connected during your upgrade, we'll need to speak with you to organise the setup of your new service. Request a call back to book your setup for a time that suits your business best.

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