The smart way to boost your home Wi-Fi

Faster speeds with Wi-Fi 6

Enjoy improved Wi-Fi speeds as well as greater coverage, with our fastest Wi-Fi booster yet.

Fill Wi-Fi black spots

Boost your Wi-Fi in low coverage areas so you can stream and game from one end of of the house to the other.

Optimises signal as you move around

Smart Wi-Fi boosters make sure your devices get the best possible signal whichever room you're in.


Free modem upgrade

Take up a booster and if your modem's not compatible  you’ll get a new Telstra Smart Modem 3 at no extra cost.

How to get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage

  1. Add a booster to your plan

    Sign in with your Telstra ID, then add a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3 to your eligible nbn service.
  2. Pair with your modem

    Once you’ve received your Smart Wi-Fi Booster, follow the set-up guide to pair it with your modem. Then place your Wi-Fi booster where you need more coverage.
  3. Get up to three more boosters on us

    If you still don’t have enough coverage, we may send you up to three more boosters at no extra cost. If you cancel, just return them. Start by troubleshooting your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Guarantee, Telstra Smart
Wi-Fi Booster 3 , INTERNET EXTRA

$12 per month

Min cost $288 + plan charges. Telstra nbn customers only. Read full details
Get consistent speeds and optimal Wi-Fi signal in more rooms in your home.

Which internet plans are eligible?

Currently, Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3 is unavailable on our new Upfront Internet plans.

Am I on an Upfront plan?

Wi-Fi boosters can currently only be added on our post-paid nbn plans. 

How do our Wi-Fi boosters improve Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi Boosters extend Wi-Fi coverage by pairing with your Telstra Smart Modem and boosting the signal. They’re great for larger and non-standard homes. Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3 is Wi-Fi 6 certified to improve speeds and coverage, so you get an enhanced Wi-Fi experience.

Without Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3

In larger and non-standard homes, your modem's Wi-Fi signal may not be able to reach every room.

With Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3

Our Wi-Fi boosters pair, or 'mesh', with your Telstra Smart Modem to create a single Wi-Fi network and a better home Wi-Fi experience.

How Wi-Fi boosters can help households

See examples of how a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3 can improve Wi-Fi in different homes

Our Wi-Fi Guarantee

Add a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3 to an eligible nbn plan and you'll get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage, or you can cancel with no further charge.

Once connected, if you don't think you've got wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage, we'll work with you for up to 30 days to resolve your concerns. We may also send you up to three additional Smart Wi-Fi Boosters, at no additional cost. To start, use our troubleshooting tool to test your Wi-Fi or use our basic help guides with no testing.

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